LISD officials get certified in crossing guard duties

LAREDO, TX (KGNS) - LISD officials are attending a two-day training that will provide them with the latest information they need to make it a safe school year.

You’ve seen then and even heard them on the streets, they are the one’s that keep your children safe from any danger.

Over 100 LISD officials are getting certified in crossing guard training, which will be stationed at every school campus in the district.

The LISD Police Chief Roberto Villarreal says crossing guards not only have the responsibility of getting children safely across the streets but also the duty of moving traffic efficiently.

Villarreal says, “Our purpose there in traffic control is to make the easy traffic flow so we can get the children out into the campus and the parents on their way to work."

It’s important that crossing guards get certified every year with the latest up to date information and tools to make it a successful school year.

Crossing guards consists of custodians, district officers, teacher aids and coaches.