Curfew to be lifted for people 18 and over

LAREDO, TX (KGNS) - City Council has decided to lift the curfew restrictions, but only for adults.

Their goal is to fall in line with the governor's orders while keeping a vulnerable population safe.

Minors were the first group to be under a local curfew, and it will remain that way temporarily as the community continues to battle COVID-19.

"Like anything there's a beginning, middle, and ending phase," said Investigator Joe Baeza. "We're trying to reach the ending phase of all this."

Starting Friday, businesses where large crowds gather like bars and bowling alleys will open their doors at 25 percent capacity.

This is a part of Governor Greg Abbott's second phase of reopening Texas.

At Monday night's City Council meeting, District 5 Councilwoman Nelly Vielma asked that council start falling in line with the governor's orders.

The curfew was a policy change that many members agreed to do away with, after nearly two months of being enforced and over 100 citations.

"We're basing ourselves on scientific findings that our local health authority are giving to us. With their guidance they're saying that the numbers are stabilizing and hopefully, and we stress this, hopefully that it'll continue to be that way."

During the meeting, local Health Authority Doctor Victor Trevino says because of the emergence of a multi-system inflammatory syndrome in children, it's important that they keep the curfew strictly for minors.

"I have confirmed that because there was a case that went to the emergency room last night," said Doctor Trevino. "They told me about a child that had these symptoms and they were transferred to Driscoll and it's possible that this child has kawasaki multi system inflammatory syndrome."

However, District 6 Councilman Doctor Marte Martinez argued that we shouldn't make policy changes that go against the governor. He says it's not an appropriate step in light of this syndrome being a mild association to COVID-19, and not direct.

The final decision was to keep the curfew temporarily for minors from 10 p.m. to 5 a.m.

This policy change does not go into effect until the mayor signs off on it.

Minors will be allowed to be out within these hours if they are doing a permissible activity, or in the company of a parent or legal guardian.