Customers of all ages were reeled in during Operation "Narcfish"

Published: Dec. 5, 2019 at 8:41 PM CST
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Laredo Police are taking a page from the show 'Catfish' but making it their own through a sting operation called “Narcfish.”

Over the course of a year, Narcfish has been able to reel in criminals selling drugs and weapons on social media.

Thursday morning, the Laredo Police Department announced the result of their year-long operation.

"We saw the current trend and the threat that was there, and so at this point a total of 46 arrests and more to come,” said assistant Chief Mike Rodriguez.

The individuals the police arrested sold everything from marijuana, cocaine, pills and even THC cartridges for vaping. Something a Narcfish undercover investigator says was very popular with teens.

"We had kids that said as soon as I get out of high school, I'll hit you up, I'll call you, we'll do the deal,” said “Kike,” undercover investigator. “They were telling us already they were in school, so what does that tell you, they had them there, it's alarming."

Undercover Narcfish investigator, who we'll call “Kike,” says out of all the things he saw during the operation what shocked him the most was the age of customers buying drugs on social media.

"You can even see back in forth of who wanted one now we're able to see that, and there was a lot of young kids."

Aside from seeing cocaine and pills pick up in popularity, they're also seeing the cartridges used for vaping.

Investigator Kike encourages parents to keep an eye on their teens’ social media pages to ensure that their kids aren't getting involved.

"If you provide the cell phone, or if they still live under your roof, be firm and check them out because nowadays it's a lot more difficult to access these kinds of things."

After this morning's press conference, members of the task force noticed that many of the drug dealers started leaving social media group chats that sell products.

Their sting operation will continue, and they encourage anyone who sees something to say something.

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