Customs and Border Protection to move forward with border wall projects

(NBC) - U.S. Customs and Border Protection is outlining southern border wall construction and improvements that are already underway.

The acting deputy commissioner says some new border wall projects are being built in parts of California, New Mexico and Texas.

However, the construction is for targeted border areas and don’t include any of the wall prototypes President Trump inspected in California earlier this month.

In the State of Texas, many parts of Rio Grande Valley will be seeing some of these border wall projects in the near future.

Ronald Vitiello with CBP says, “In the Rio Grande Valley we are building 35 new gates along a stretch of 55 miles of existing border wall, closing critical gaps in the current infrastructure. Finally we plan to replace at least 47 miles of dilapidated border fencing with new border wall system in various locations along the southwest border. Also in RGV, we plan to build about 25 miles of new levy wall in Hidalgo County, as well as eight miles of new border wall system in Starr County Texas.”

The just-passed government spending bill fell far short of funding a full border wall and President Trump is reportedly inquiring about using Defense Department money for mass construction.