Cycling community concerned over Springfield extension project

LAREDO, TX (KGNS) - During Monday night’s City Council meeting, councilmembers brought up the idea of extending Springfield Avenue from Del Mar to San Isidro.

However, before the city discusses funding the project, a councilman is asking to preserve the Shiloh Bike Trails, which could be affected if the project gets approved.

Avid cyclist Mario Romo says the trail is just one of the only trails that is owned by the city, but now they are looking to put a road right in the middle.

Romo adds not only will bikers lose most of the trail, but a lot of wildlife will also be lost in the process.

After hearing several concerns from those who frequent the trail, District Seven Councilman George Altgelt is working to find a solution before it becomes a problem.

Councilman Altgelt says, “As a mountain biker, I can tell you that is not something I can live with and fortunately the newly elected representative for District Six Dr. Martinez is not comfortable with going through the middle of the green belt as well and so, the design plan is to send Springfield to the absolute western edge so as to avoid affecting the Shiloh Trail at all."

Although the extension is needed, Councilman Altgelt says they are looking for alternatives to avoid construction through the bike trail.