Fate of DACA rests on federal judge's hands

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LAREDO, TX (KGNS) - A federal judge in Texas now holds the future of hundreds of recipients under the Deferred Action For Childhood Arrivals in his hands.

A hearing that many local DACA beneficiaries say will have an impact on their future and their families.

District Judge Andrew Hanen at a federal court in Houston started to hear arguments against and in support for DACA on Wednesday.

A hearing where Judge Hanen has not made a decision on, as he said he would hold off ruling on the constitutionality of DACA for now.

The decision of this ruling is expecting to be announced next week but until then, many DACA recipients are still fighting for their legal status in the country.

Congressman Henry Cuellar says he is doing everything in his power to protect the local DACA recipients.

Local DACA recipient Seven Flores says, “This time is the most difficult time because we realize, that this could be it. If Judge Hanen rules against us, it would put DACA position of where it has almost ended."

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton has also weighed in on the hearing.

Through a statement he said that DACA is unconstitutional because it rewrote federal law over the objects of congress and that DACA represents a dangerous view of executive power.