DHS campus could be coming to Gateway City

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LAREDO, TX (KGNS) - A first of its kind campus might be headed to the Gateway City; however, it won’t be traditional students hitting the books but federal agents.

Over the years, the Laredo International Airport has served multiple purposes; an Air Force base, an airport and possibly the new home to the Department of Homeland Security's multi-federal agency campus.

Congressman Henry Cuellar has been working with DHS officials in Washington DC to provide a campus right here in Laredo that will be home to federal agencies that include Border Patrol, ICE, CBP, Marine One, the National Guard and other federal entities.

According to Congressman Cuellar, the first step is to build a larger hangar at the airport, so that air marine and Homeland Security can have enough space.

Right now there is not a confirmed timeline of when Laredo will see the DHS campus; however, Cuellar says the ups and downs going on in Washington are delaying the plans to continue.

The congressman says they have made progress; however, there have been a lot of changes at Homeland, so it’s still in limbo. Since CBP commissioner and Homeland Security, Kevin McAleenan is no longer there, Cuellar will need to sit now with a new CBP commissioner in the near future.

Cuellar adds the concept of the campus will be about 20 to 40 acres at the airport and the design of the campus will be similar to the campus in Yuma, Arizona.

Congressman Cuellar is hopeful for the DHS campus project as it will bring jobs, more personnel, and more money to the gateway city.

The next step includes getting the city on board with the project by either building additional hangar space and then be reimbursed by Homeland Security or have the private sector come in to build additional space.