Daily City briefing: majority of cases community transmitted

LAREDO, TX (KGNS) - UPDATE: On Wednesday evening, March 25th the City of Laredo Health Department confirmed 13 positive cases of COVID-19.

Below is the original text to this story:

We're nearing the end of the first week under the mandatory restrictions on the community.

As of Wednesday afternoon, another person was added to the list of positive cases, making the total now eleven.

As more positive COVID-19 cases are announced daily, we're seeing that the majority are community transmitted.

In order to stay safe from this, officials continue to stress the importance of staying home while using law enforcement to send a clear message to individuals not following the rules.

As per usual, Laredo Health Department Director Doctor Hector Gonzalez started the meeting explaining how the positive patients are doing.

"Everyone is well. They've had different respiratory levels of respiratory symptoms. One is hospitalized and stable, and the word we got is they may be released today which is a very good sign."

Person 11 is the individual who is at the hospital in stable condition.

Both person 11 and person 10 did not travel and got the virus through community transmission.

Doctor Gonzalez says three people are close to completing quarantine.

A question was raised during the meeting on whether or not they'll have to be tested again before they're cleared.

"No. That guideline from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and Department of Health Services changed yesterday. We do not need to test the persons when they finish the quarantine.... Actually, between seven and ten days of quarantine we will need to go back and assess, even though we're checking them everyday while they're quarantine. They had to be three days afebrile and asymptomatic we can release them."

One the enforcement side, Laredo Police Department Chief Claudio Trevino provided some stats on what they're seeing as of Tuesday.

He says they're receive more than 40 calls related to COVID-19 issues.

"We've had 82 parks that were visited by our officers to enforce the closures, 153 businesses were checked, combined with calls of concerns and initiated by our officers. We did 11 checks on price gouging incidents or complaints of the11 places or checks that we did, everyone was in compliance and there was no reports taken. Keep in mind that prices at these convenience stores, these smaller stores will be higher."

Chief Trevino says they've issued six citations, three to businesses not in compliance and three to people at parks.

They've also went to over three hundred calls, both calls for service and self-initiated.

As of now, 147 people have been tested, 51 came out negative, and 85 remain pending.