Dallas Cowboys fans get a chance to meet NFL champion

LAREDO, TX (KGNS) - Comicbook, sports fans and those who love everything pop-culture related are inviting to the 2020 South Texas Collector’s Expo.

The comic convention is 12 days away, but Saturday was the chance for comic book lovers to get their hands on discounted tickets and also get acquainted with a famous athlete.

For the Sanchez Family, comic books and Dallas Cowboys is all that they live for.

As a family, Alberto Sanchez and his kids enjoy going to the movies and watching all the superhero films.

The Outlet Shoppes of Laredo held a ticket drop event where you could buy your tickets weeks in advance.

Dallas Cowboys Champion Lincoln Coleman was the headliner during the event.

Marco Jalomo with the South Texas Comic Convention says they had an idea for a promotion and thought it would be great if he would make an appearance.

Fans were able to meet the former running back and even get an autograph.

When asked if he wanted to participate in this year’s convention, Coleman automatically said yes because he’s never been to Laredo before.

He also said it was nice getting to meet some of the cowboy’s fans in Laredo.

It gets even better, for Dallas Cowboy fans.

Mr. Cowboy Bob Lilly is scheduled to be at the event on January 25th-26th as well as UT Austin running back legend Ricky Williams.