Dallas airline workers indicted in smuggling scheme

DALLAS, TX (NBC) - Ten airport workers in Texas are under indictment after an FBI operation.

The workers are accused of a plot to smuggle meth, explosives and guns onto planes.

Seven of the workers were employed by Envoy Airlines, a subsidiary of American Airlines.

Two more worked for Spirit Airlines and one has yet to be arrested.

The undercover operation started back in August of 2016 and continued until February.

The people involved believed they were smuggling more than 140 pounds of meth to cities around the country including Newark, Charlotte and Phoenix.

No drugs were actually involved but U.S. attorneys say this shows some of lengths people will go for money.

The airlines involved say they are cooperating with federal investigators.

American Airlines has released a statement saying, “All airport employees undergo a criminal background check as part of the on-boarding process.

The employees named in the indictment are on administrative suspension pending the outcome of the investigation.

Their travel privileges have also been suspended.