Detroit mother claims six-year-old was sexually assaulted in school bathroom

DETROIT, MI (CNN) - The parents of a six year-old boy in Detroit believe their son was sexually assaulted by another student while using the school bathroom.

According to the parents, one of their older children told the parents what happened to his brother.

The parents immediately rushed the boy to a local hospital where the diagnosis was listed as alleged sexual abuse.

The boy’s mother says the teacher walked away from the bathroom when he should have remained outside until the boys were finished using the bathroom.

Cell phone video of her son shows the lock on the bathroom stall and how it’s unable to lock from the inside.

A spokesperson for the school district says the result of their investigation does not substantiate the claim of sexual assault.

The mother of the child says the father of the older student told her that his son will not be returning to the school and that he’s in need of help.

The Detroit Public Schools Community District released a statement saying, “The Principal launched an investigation after receiving a parent complaint that her 1st grade student was allegedly sexually assaulted by another first grade student while using the restroom. Upon completing the investigation, there is no evidence to substantiate the allegations.”

The Detroit Police Sex Crimes Unit is currently investigating the case.