District Attorney adresses alleged shooter's bond

LAREDO, TX (KGNS) - The Webb County District Attorney is calling a press conference objecting to the bond amount of a man arrested in connection to an officer involved shooting as “misguiding, misleading, and disappointing.”

Back in November, 22-year-old Cesar Rene Terrazas arrived to his ex-girlfriend’s home with an alleged intent to kill, officials say. What resulted was an officer involved shooting, that ended with the victim's brother being shot and Terrazas behind bars.

However, on January 31st he was released on bail, set at $275,000.

On Tuesday, the Laredo Police Officers Association and the Combined Law Enforcement Association of Texas, or CLEAT, spoke out on the bond amount. They said that the low amount, which resulted in Terrazas’s release, was putting the community and law enforcement in danger.

Their comments are not sitting well with the District Attorney, Isidro Alaniz.

"The safety of the community and of the law enforcement officers is of utmost importance to my office and I'm sure to the judiciary as well. This case is very important and is complicated, and it's very sensitive. This case needs to be handled in the court system and not in the media."

Alaniz says under the Constitution and Texas Code of Criminal Procedure, everyone has a right to bond.

"The only exception being in capital murder cases. Initially the Laredo Police Department charged Terrazas with capital murder charges and a no bond was placed. This was a mistake."

Aside from the bond there are conditions placed on Terrazas now that he's out, and Alaniz says those will increase.

"He has conditions as far as a curfew being placed, he has conditions as to the distance he needs to stay away from the victims in this case and the residence, and we plan on also pursuing other protections that right now, I don't want to discuss."

The District Attorney's Office received a report from the Laredo Police Department on February 4th that Alaniz says was incomplete.

"What we're missing in this case is more information involving the police shooting, in that case. That should be a separate investigation that takes place. A citizen was shot by a police officer that merits a separate and independent investigation. Not to be thrown into the crime of Terrazas’s."

Alaniz doesn't believes that someone who knows nothing about the community should not be speaking out on a matter like this.

“As much as the CLEAT representative wants to bark that this individual is guilty, everyone in this country is innocent until proven guilty."

Alaniz is disappointed that the LPOA is trying to use this case as an officer involved shooting and not for what it really is, which is a domestic violence issue. He says his office will continue pursuing this case in order to seek justice for the family.

The District Attorney's Office is hoping to get this case before a grand jury as soon as possible.

The bond was set by Magistrate Judge David Garcia.