District Attorney seeks the death penalty for Juan David Ortiz

LAREDO,Texas(KGNS)- The Webb County District Attorney's office presented their case against Juan David Ortiz before a grand jury on Wednesday morning.

The result was an indictment against Ortiz for one charge of capital murder for the death of Melissa Ramirez, Griselda Cantu, Claudine Luera, and Humberto "Janelle" Ortiz.

After a hearing that lasted two hours, a grand jury agreed after only 20 minutes that Ortiz's actions warranted the death penalty.

District Attorney Isidro Alaniz says the reason why there's only one charge of capital murder is that all four victims were killed by a similar scheme.

The scheme in this case from Ortiz's own words was to clean up the streets of Laredo by targeting this community of individuals who he perceived to be disposable.

Other pieces of the scheme include the group he was targeting, where he picked them up, the manner in which he took their lives, and where he left their bodies.

All four victims were shot, but the DA's office revealed that Griselda Cantu didn't die from a gunshot wound. A recent autopsy shows she actually died from blunt force trauma suffered from an object that crushed her skull.

Ortiz also faces charges of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, unlawful restraint, and evading arrest.

Since the charge was elevated to capital murder, Ortiz will now need a new special counsel. Following this announcement, there will be an arraignment within the next 30 days, where Ortiz will hear his formal charges.

No date is set for his trail, but it will be taking place in the 406th District Court.

According to Border Patrol, Juan David Ortiz is on indefinite suspension without pay.
Below is the original text from this story:

Following weeks of speculation, it's official District Attorney Isidro Alaniz will be seeking the death penalty for Juan David Ortiz, the man accused of killing four people and kidnapping another.

Alaniz made his case in court today on why Ortiz should pay with his life for his crimes.

During the hearing, the DA presented several items of evidence including Ortiz's confession.

In that confession, Ortiz said that he wanted to clean up the streets and considered himself a vigilante.

Ortiz's murder spree started in September and lasted several weeks.

In that time he is accused of picking up his victims, taking them to remote places and killing them.

It wasn't until one of his would-be victims escaped alerting police that officials were finally able to catch up with Ortiz and arrest him.

KGNS news has a crew in the courtroom covering Today's hearing, including an interview with the DA and reaction from family members the victims.