Dog saves owner's life after chainsaw accident

Wichita Falls, TX (CNN) - A Wichita Falls man says his one-year-old dog Rambo is the reason he is still breathing after a nasty chainsaw accident.

McKnight says he was cutting his trees when his chainsaw got away from him and made a cut in his left leg so deep it was about a quarter-inch away from his bone.

McKnight began yelling for help and that is when his one-year-old dog Rambo ran to the rescue.

McKnight says Rambo began nudging him, trying to get him to stand up, and he held on to his dog while the dog held on to his pants with his teeth and he began hopping to the front of the yard to find help.

Rambo helped to pull McKnight to the front of the house, pushed him to the steps at the front porch and began barking-- alerting McKnight's wife who was taking a shower and totally unaware of what her husband was going through outside.

Shortly after she heard the dogs, she ran outside and called 911.

Both Johnny and his wife say they are grateful to have such a bright and courageous dog.