Dyslexia awareness month

LAREDO, TX (KGNS) - October is designated to bring awareness to further understand dyslexia, the most common learning disability.

Today the City of Laredo made a proclamation towards all school districts.

Also called a reading disability, dyslexia affects the areas of the brain that process language.

KGNS spoke to Melissa Guerra, Dyslexia Smart Founder, about the learning disability and how one in 5 people are affected by it.

"We need to be aware that dyslexia is among us, that we need to identify it early, and not only for the elementary students but also trying to help those students who are now in middle school and high school that have not been identified then."

In Laredo, there should be about 15 thousand students with the disorder, but experts say only a two percent of that number is identified.

Thanks to donations from the community, an institute in Austin will come to Laredo, to certify 10 teachers as language academic therapists.