E-cigarette batteries exploding in user's pockets

(NBC) - Officials are advising e-cigarette users about the possibility of exploding lithium batteries.

Videos have been circulating online showing e-cigarette batteries exploding in people's pockets.

Video shows a man in California riding the bus when his e-cigarette battery exploded in his lap.

Another incident happened in New York, when a man who was working at a wine shop was badly burned after his vape pen exploded in his pocket.

In another incident, a man was standing near a country of a Kentucky convenience store when his spare battery burst into flames.

One of the victims is recovering in the hospital after being badly injured from the blast.

Kevin King says his e-cigarette batteries were in his pocket when all of a sudden they erupted as he arrived home. His leg was so severely burned that he needed a skin graft.

Doctors say one inch over and Kevin could have lost his vision.

Kevin says at the time of the explosion, he had some loose change in the same pocket as the batteries.

Kevin says that the explosion happened when they came into contact with each other.

Experts say it can happen to almost anyone. In fact, according to the U.S. Fire Administration, many e-cigarette explosion happen while in the user’s pocket and there’s often no warning at all.

Experts say to keep the batteries in their own packaging and to never mix them with other metals.

Also make sure to buy batteries that are certified and tested by the Underwriters Laboratories.