Voters decide to vote against Proposition B

LAREDO,Texas(KGNS)- The voters have spoken and it looks as though Proposition B has not passed.

The proposition would have allowed the City of Laredo to finance a new convention center in downtown Laredo right next to La Posada Hotel.

Proposition B’s Political Action Committee, El Centro Si declined to comment on the early voting results; however, a group of hoteliers who opposed the proposition says it was only helping one hotel and sharing their reaction to the outcome.

JJ Vela of the Hotel/Motel Association of Laredo says the outcome was not a win or lose situation for the hotels but it was a matter of educating the voters on a lot of the facts.

Vela says it’s time to get together with La Posada and do something to revitalize downtown.

Fasken Representative Bill Skeen has previously said Proposition B is just a portion of the funding they needed for the convention center.

Only time will tell when a new convention center could come to fruition but as for now, the voters have spoken.

Meanwhile, voters decided to vote for Proposition A; the proposition that would relocate an already approved sports complex.

Below is the original text from this story:

With many people heading out to polls, there are a lot of different races on the ballot; also, voters are also being asked to weigh in on some very important propositions.

Proposition A is asking voters to authorize the City of Laredo to partially relocate a sports complex venue project to another portion of the city.

Back in 2014, voters originally voted to have the project in its entirety at the TAMIU campus and only the tennis portion will stay, however, the city is asking to move the rest.

Meanwhile, Proposition B is asking for voters to let the City of Laredo finance a new downtown convention center which will be located right next to La Posada.

Gene Belmares says it’s important to go out and vote for proposition A because it promises the youth a sports complex and it is going to allow for a better location.

Bill Skeen with the Fasken Real Estate Development says proposition B is simply a two percent increase in the hotel tax and a five percent increase on rental cars which will be paid by those who are visiting Laredo.

Skeen goes on to say that other cities throughout the State of Texas use the same financing mechanisms to build similar facilities.

If you would like to take a look at the sample ballot, you can visit the Webb County Election website where they will have sample ballots from each precinct.