Laredo Health Department seeks funding from the EPA

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LAREDO, Texas (KGNS) - Laredo representatives were able to meet with officials from the Environmental Protection Agency to talk about local health projects.

Dr. Hector Gonzalez was one of the members who traveled to Washington on the city’s legislative trip.

The trip was made to seek grants for Laredo Agricultural Sector, a disease lab, and a detox center to help those struggling with addiction.

During the trip, new funding was located for the Health Sector of Laredo and if acquired, these grants will keep funding the medical center in Laredo and various projects that the health department has in mind.

A follow up meeting is expected to take place in an effort to acquire some of these grants.

Dr. Gonzalez says, “It's a partnership, all of us are in this to take Laredo to the next level in all services. Certainty in the health department and in research and so I feel very positive on this last tour.”

Dr. Gonzalez also met with the Department of Agriculture to speak about food safety and exhibit some of the projects that are being held in Laredo.

According to Dr. Gonzalez, one of the projects discussed was the possibility of having the Famers Market more than once a month so that depend on SNAP can buy fresh food.

The health department will have a follow up meeting with the EPA and government representatives to see if these grants will be acquired.