TAMIU holds International Council on Education workshop

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LAREDO, TX (KGNS) - The International Council on Education for Teaching just wrapped up a three day seminar at TAMIU.

The workshop is meant to encourage educators to explore new subjects in the classroom and help introduce students to the world of coding.

In the 62 year history of the program, this is the first time the conference visits the State of Texas.

Dean of Education James O’Meara says,” Each year we bid for a city and two years ago I bid for Laredo. The reason why Laredo, I thought we positioned and borrowed the title at the edge. Looking at teacher education in Laredo is a place where innovation occurs, so yes we’re the edge of the country and we’re also at the edge of discipline of teacher education.”

Over 60 speakers from across the globe visited Laredo to take part in the conference.