Multiple people killed in Brazil school shooting

Sao Paulo, Brazil (NBC) - At least eight people were killed at a Brazilian elementary school where two young men were seen entering the building and firing weapons on Wednesday morning.

Police say that among the dead were five school children, one adult who worked at the building and the two adolescent shooters.

An unknown number of additional children were also shot at the elementary school and taken to hospitals.

The condition of their injuries is not known at the moment.

School shootings are rare in Brazil, even though the country is one of the world’s most violent, with more annual homicides than any other.

The last major school shooting was in 2011, when 12 children were shot dead by a former pupil in Rio De Janeiro.

While gun laws are extremely strict in Brazil, it is not difficult to illegally purchase a weapon.

Police said that two adolescents with face masks entered the building and started shooting at around 9:30 a.m.

The pair eventually shot and killed themselves.