Elderly couple in San Antonio crashes small plane into residential area

SAN ANTONIO, TX (CNN) - An elderly couple is lucky to be alive after their air plane completely missed the runway and crashed into a residential area.

Authorities received a report of a plane landing next to a house in San Antonio.

Officers said the couple in the plane was trying to land at a private airport nearby.

The pilot overshot the runway and was unable to stop in time.

The plane went over the runway fence and tipped over slightly before stopping in the middle of the street.

Sergeant Giles Snavely with the San Antonio Police Department says, “"We got to the scene and found out that this particular plane was coming in from the east and flying west and landed on the strip. He was-- failed to stop and time. He came in and hit the fence and rolled over."
The man and the woman in the plane were in their 80’s.

Luckily they did not sustain any major injuries; however, the woman was transported to the hospital for minor back pain.