Ethic's Commission weighs in on local group's complaints

LAREDO, TX (KGNS) - Two members of a local watchdog group and its supporters met at City Hall on Wednesday to decide whether the allegations brought forward by 'Our Laredo' were frivolous.

Those who filed the complaints are Vish Viswanath and Victor Gomez.

As previously reported, Vish's complaint was the disagreement of the approval of the water rate increase.

He says that although 135-million-dollars is going towards the maintenance of the utilities system, a remainder of 45-million is for future development, something Vish says, isn't allowed under the city charter.

Gomez, on the other hand, alleges there's a conflict of interest between District Six Councilman Doctor Marte Martinez and a company that works with the city.

Gomez claims the councilman lied on his City Council application, adding that city managers should reprimand or remove him from office.

The Ethics Commission discussed whether the complaints were valid according to the city’s ethics code.

In the end, they concluded both arguments were frivolous, placing a fine against one of the two men, something Vish disagreed with.

Gomez also disagreed with the commission’s decision saying that our councilmembers take advantage of the fact that the city charter is not enforceable.

The Ethic’s Commission stressed that there are other means for “Our Laredo” to look into to accomplish their goals such as recall or district court.

The total estimated cost will be required to pay for the fine plus attorney fees which is roughly $5,000.