ExxonMobil hit with two million dollar fine for violating Russia sanctions

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(NBC) - The U.S. Treasury slapped ExxonMobil with a two million dollar fine for violating Russia sanctions.

President Obama issued sanctions against Russia in December of 2014 after their incursion into the Ukraine.

The Justice Department says Exxon violated those sanctions.

The violation occurred when the presidents of the U.S. Subsidiaries of the company signed an agreement on oil and gas projects with individuals who were on the list of banned persons.

The violations took place while, now Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson was the Exxon CEO.

Exxon was hit with a two million dollar fine by the U.S. Treasury, but that’s not likely to make a big impression on the oil giant.

The company earned 7.8 billion dollars in 2016 or more than 21 million dollars every day.

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