Student works through school after running out of FAFSA money

LAREDO,Texas(KGNS)- Attending college can change your future path but also take a hard hit on your wallet.

While most students in college receive some type of financial help there are those that for one reason or another do not meet the criteria for federal assistance.

Often, these students have to find another way to follow the career path of their choice.

Michael Gaytan a local college student does not qualify for financial aid anymore, so he has to find other means to pay for online courses and books.

Gaytan tells us he used up his financial aid while pursuing a career he is no longer interested in.

While TAMIU he studied accounting and took a break due to family matters.

Laredo College representatives tell us an average of 85% of its student body receives some sort of financial aid.

Daniel Yarritu the Assistant Director for Financial Aid at Laredo College says if students exceeded the maximum time frame, that student could become ineligible for aid.

The current maximum time frame is 150% of the degree requirement.

Gaytan encourages everybody to find something they would like to study and stick to it.

Laredo College recommends applying for FAFSA on time. On average, full-time students receive 4,300 dollars per year to cover their tuition.

For more information on financial aid or continuing your education, you can contact Laredo College at 721-5361.