Family of boy who was electrocuted files lawsuit

Published: Feb. 6, 2019 at 2:41 PM CST
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The family of six-year-old Robert Jacob Madrigal is filling a lawsuit against the two owners of the 2 Gords BBQ food truck, Streats Food Truck Park, and PG Delta, which owns the property.

In the documents filed, it states that the boy was out here with his family, and was playing with a ball.

The ball went underneath the food truck, and as he reached for the ball he was electrocuted.

Also in the documents, it states the family is suing for damages, including medical expenses, physical anguish, disfigurement, physical impairment, and loss of use and enjoyment of life.

As of right now, the boy is still in critical but stable condition at a San Antonio Hospital.

Streats Food Truck Park is still open for business after the incident that occurred last Friday. This establishment is only open Thursdays and Fridays.

Below is the original text from this story:

The community continues showing support to the six-year-old boy airlifted to a San Antonio hospital, after being electrocuted at the Streats Food Park.

According to a City of Laredo official, in order for any food truck to conduct business in the city, they must meet several requirements which include a permit from the Health Department, and an inspection conducted by the Fire Department.

Requirements investigated and enforced within city limits. The problem is that Streats Food Park is located in a pocket, not in the city's jurisdiction.

The County has since released a statement, "Webb County was quite dismayed to learn of the unfortunate accident and our thoughts and prayers are with the young victim and his family." "Unfortunately, the State of Texas hasn't given counties such as Webb County, the authority to adopt and enforce building and electrical codes that may have helped to prevent such safety concerns".

Although the business is not within Municipal Jurisdiction, a source from the city has confirmed that a Laredo Fire Marshall has been sent to the food park, since the Fire Department responded to the emergency call.

The City of Laredo has also contacted the Food Sanitation and Retail Division, a branch of the Texas Department of State and Human Services, to investigate the incident.