Fair officials explain event and VIP parking

LAREDO, TX (KGNS) - LIFE Fair officials are trying to clarify a misunderstanding that some people are having regarding changes to their parking, specifically related to the new paid parking option they have available.

Several upset parents contacted KGNS News concerned they would have to pay a minimum of $50 for parking at LIFE Downs.

Those parents did not want to appear on camera for fear of retaliation against their kids.

We reached out to the LIFE board and they tell us that the county made some changes that opened up more space for them to use, which they opted to use for free parking.

They say adding those free spaces is allowing them to offer two VIP parking areas for people who want to purchase them.

They say this whole issue has been a big misunderstanding and they're working on making this year's event a great one.

"We're moving the carnival inside the fairgrounds, we're relocating the main entrance to the north area so all the free parking is actually the closest parking spot to the main entrance," said Jacob Puig. "So we're doing as much as we can to increase the access to the LIFE Fairs, to increase everyone's satisfaction to the fair."

Those two VIP parking areas are being offered at $50 or $100.

The LIFE Fair kicks off on Monday, February 24th.

For a complete schedule of events, you can click here.