Fake H-E-B coupon circulating on social media

LAREDO, TX (KGNS) - An H-E-B coupon that has been circulating online almost seems too good to be true, and that is definitely the case.

On Thursday, many social media users were seeing posts about people receiving free $80 coupons for the Texas-based grocery store.

The post says in honor of H-E-B’s 50 birthday, it is offering $80 to customers all over Texas.

The link then redirects you to what seems like an H-E-B survey website.
Not only is the coupon fake, but H-E-B was founded back in 1905.

If you see this post, do not click on it and most of all do not try to go to H-E-B and make a purchase with it.

No word at this time who created the site, or if it was created for phishing purposes.

At this time, H-E-B has not commented on the post.