USACHL hockey season officially canceled

LAREDO,Texas(KGNS)- According to an official release, the USA Central Hockey League and the Laredo Bucks hockey games are canceled for the rest of the season.

In an official release, Sames Auto Arena says that due to unexpected issues with the USA-CHL, Laredo Bucks hockey games have been canceled for the rest of the season.

The arena says that they believe the league will respond to its obligations under the signed contract with the arena and will reimburse season ticket holders and any sponsorships received.
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After weeks of rumors and uncertainty, we finally have answers as to whether there will be a hockey game this weekend.

Sources have confirmed that this weekend’s scheduled Bucks games are canceled.

No additional details have been released at this time.

Earlier this week KGNS News reported that there were several rumors surfacing online regarding the departure of players and teams folding.

KGNS News will bring you more information as the story develops.

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Many Bucks season ticket holders and fans are wondering if they still have a team to cheer for.

Rumors of a league on the collapse have been swirling with the departure of the Texas Lawman and the Wichita Falls Force reportedly having no players on the team.

One parent of a Laredo Bucks player said that his son was leaving the team, and was among at least 7 others players who are doing the same.

Head Coach Jarred Mohr says that while some players have left, but their next scheduled games will still go on as planned.

As for who the Bucks will play, Coach Mohr says that an international team will fill in this week. It's not yet known what team it is or where the team is from, but for now according to Bucks officials, the puck will drop here in Laredo on Saturday.

The Sames Auto Arena also released a statement in regards to the Bucks' future they say that the games will go on, and that league CEO Bill Davidson has assured them that he will be in attendance for their next game.

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Rumors have been circulating over the past few weeks about the future of the USA-CHL, the league that houses the Laredo Bucks Hockey Team.

Fresh off of their 3rd win in a row, the Laredo Bucks celebrated on their way back from Wichita Falls after having won back to back games against the Wichita Falls Force.

For the Force, on the other hand, questions loomed. Their upcoming weekend games would be canceled and a post from the Force Booster Club claimed that the boys had packed their bags, and would be headed home.

In an interview with the Wichita Falls' Times Record News, USA-CHL CEO and Co-founder Bill Davidson disputed the claim that the Force had gone under, saying "I don't know where you're getting the two-team league. Nobody said anything about Wichita Falls folding. That was the booster club."

If the Wichita Falls Force does fold, that would leave just the Bucks and the RGV Killer Bees as the only teams left in the league.

The Texas Lawman have already folded after being left with only three players on their roster.

While much remains unknown about the future of the Bucks and the USA-CHL, one father has posted to the league fan page saying that the Bucks have folded and that he is working on getting his son home.

As for now, the Bucks 2nd home game of the season is scheduled for December 8th against the Wichita Falls Force, a team that possibly has no players.

Representatives from the Sames Auto Arena and the State Farm Arena in Hidalgo, home to the RGV killer bees, stated they would be moving forward to continue hosting scheduled games.