Fate of old H-E-B building downtown yet to be decided

LAREDO, TX (KGNS) - County commissioners are planning to hold a workshop with the Sheriff's and Tax Assessor’s Office to determine the fate of the former H-E-B building downtown.

Purchasing the building cost the county over $4 million over 3 years ago.

The space is 48,000 square feet and the county is planning on re-designing it to meet the needs of the Tax Assessor's Office and the Sheriff's Office.

The workshop is the next step in the process.

"We wanna shoot it before, I think, the following Monday to be able to move this project forward,” said Webb County Commissioner Jesse Gonzales. “We don't want to hold it as much as we have to right. We wanna make sure we have the workshop and we have input and questions back and forth about what we can change, if not what we can minimize what we can maximize. Again, all of this is to better serve our community."

A second possibility mentioned by Commissioner Wawi Tijerina is to move the Tax Assessor's Office to the current location of the Sheriff's Office on Victoria Street and San Bernardo.

Representatives from both offices will be in attendance at the workshop to weigh all options for the building.