Congressman Cuellar speaks on border wall

LAREDO, TX (KGNS) - Federal crews will be in Laredo in the next two weeks to measure and check the area where the proposed border wall will be built.

Last month KGNS told you that the fence will start at the Columbia solidarity bridge and will head northwest for about 52 miles along the river.

According to the department of defense, $3.6 billion have been taken away from military construction projects in order to build the wall.

KGNS spoke to Congressman Henry Cuellar about the visit in a few days and this was his response:

"Now that we are getting closer to election, I think the President is going to be more in trench on it. So we are going to have to understand that in the past administrations have worked with us, especially in the appropriations. Now we are seeing they will sit down, give you a courtesy visit, and after that they do what they want to do."

Laredo will see around 52 miles of border wall, from the 175 miles proposed through San Diego and Yuma.

The wall in Webb County has an estimated cost of over $1.2 billion.