Only you can prevent park fires!

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LAREDO, TX (KGNS) - Over the past three weeks, there have been a series of fires that have broken out at a popular north Laredo park.

The Laredo Fire Department is continuing to investigate how another fire broke out next to a running trail at North Central Park Monday afternoon.
Although they are not ruling out arson, they don't believe the recent fire was started on purpose.

Fire officials say the difference between Monday's fire and the previous fires that broke out in the park is, Monday’s was a smaller fire and firefighters were able to contain it in a faster time. The previous fire was located in a creek which was harder to breakthrough.

Investigators were able to take a look at the cameras that face inside the park; however, they were not able to see anything suspicious during that time.

Although we are experiencing rain in our forecast, fire officials are not ruling out that dry weather may have also played a factor in the fire.
Captain Arnold Puente says they are looking into all possibilities whether it may be accidental, natural or arson.

Puente says smokers should be mindful of how they are discarding their cigarettes.

He adds Laredo Police are also beefing up their patrol in the North Central Park area as a result of the recent fires.

Fire officials would like to remind the community that if you see something suspicious in the North Central Park area to call the fire department at 956-718-6000 and ask for the fire prevention division.

Park officials say they will hold a press conference with Councilman Doctor Marte Martinez on Wednesday at North Central Park to discuss the recent fires.

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Firefighters are out yet again at a popular north Laredo park.

North Central Park is the scene of another blaze that was reported shortly after 12 p.m. on Monday.

The fire was reported right next to a running trail at the main entrance.

Fire officials were called to the scene to keep the fire from spreading. Officials asked runners and park goers to avoid that specific area of the park while they worked to clear the scene.

This is roughly the third time a fire has broken out in this location.

The district's councilman Marte Martinez believes the fire was not intentional, although one individual was seen being questioned at the scene.

No arrests have been made in connection to this case.