Florida Wedding crasher arrested

(NBC) - He drank, he danced, he partied and now he's facing criminal charges.

Just like out of the 2005 movie "Wedding Crashers," where two men indulge on free drinks and food, Florida sheriff's deputies say 37-year-old Mark Saunderson pulled the same stunt.

They say he made himself at home at a reception at the Grand Plaza Hotel in St. Pete Beach.

According to deputies, he even cut in with the bride and groom's first dance.

"The best man and one of the groomsmen, they basically figured out he wasn't supposed to be there and they had him removed," said guest Jan Vanpolen.

Saunderson is charged with disorderly conduct, which includes playing hide and seek with hotel security.

Bride Sadie Dajka says the she's a "Wedding Crashers" fan, and isn't letting it ruin her big day.

"It's one of my favorite movies so I feel like I had this coming," Dajka laughed.