Former Dallas Police officer in court for killing Botham Jean

DALLAS, TX (CNN) - A former Dallas Police officer who allegedly killed a man in his own apartment last year was in court Monday for a pretrial hearing.

Amber Guyger

Weeks before the murder trial begins, Dallas County prosecutors introduced evidence during a court hearing that included the handgun Amber Guyger used to kill Botham Jean.

Criminal defense attorney Pete Schulte who has been following the case says it’s an unusual move.

Schulte says it was odd because he had never heard of a pretrial motion where they would bring in some pretty definitive evidence that would usually be done in front of a jury.

Prosecutors would not explain why after the hearing due to the gag order imposed by the judge.

The former Dallas Police officer left the courthouse for likely the last time before jury selection begins next month.

Guyger was fired after she was charged with killing Jean, a 29-year-old immigrant from the Caribbean, who was home alone inside his apartment on the night Guyger was coming home after a patrol shift.

Her defense team claims she mistakenly walked into the wrong apartment on the floor above hers and thought Jean was an intruder.

The case has generated so much publicity and strong opinions that defense attorneys are trying to get the trial moved out of Dallas County but Judge Tammy Kemp says her decision would be made after trying to find a suitable jury first.

Legal experts say it won’t be easy.