Four men in San Antonio arrested in teen trafficking case

SAN ANTONIO, TX (CNN) - San Antonio Police have arrested four men in connection to an alleged sex trafficking case.

50-year-old Juan Manuel Alvarez.

On May 8th a 15-year-old girl contacted authorities because she had a bad reaction to some of the drugs she had taken.

When police arrived, she told them she was a victim of human trafficking.

Police say 28-year-old Ray Hernandez was paid to give her a ride, take her to a motel and force her to have sex with 50-year-old Juan Manuel Alvarez.

She was then taken to other locations to have sex with more men.
Officers arrested Alvarez on Tuesday in the 9100 block of Broadway.
All of the suspects who have been arrested so far are, 50-year-old Juan Manuel Alvarez; charged with trafficking a child.

Twenty-eight-year-old Ray Hernandez is charged with continuous trafficking of a person.

Cory Acosta is charged with trafficking of a child and 25-year-old Alfredo Herrera is charged with sexual assault of a child.

The case is still under investigation.