Gas prices on the rise

LAREDO, TX (KGNS) If you have plans on hitting the road this Easter, you might end up spending a little more money at the pump this time around.

According to the American Automobile Association, gas prices continue to be on the rise.

The statewide average for gas is $2.54 cents. The average price for Laredo is $2.47, which is a six-cent increase from the average last week.

Drivers around town say this is not the worst price hike they have seen.

According to research done by AAA, the increase comes from where we get our gas.

Daniel Armbruster from AAA says, summer blend is more expensive to produce but it also burns cleaner during the hotter temperatures.

Some travelers have taken note of the increase and have already started downsizing on their vehicles they use.

Triple A has several tips for those hitting the road this spring and summer.

Armbruster says to avoid quick starts and stops, go light on the breaks, and monitor your AC usage.

According to automobile experts, the largest price jump in Texas was seen in El Paso with a 19 cent increase.