Good samaritans help retired teacher pay for groceries

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PEARLAND, TX (KTRK) - A group of men in Pearland, Texas decided to pay it forward in a big way by purchasing more than a hundred dollars’ worth of groceries for a community member in her time of need.

Barbara Barbin

Barbara Barbin is a retired teacher who spends her free time, playing piano, sketching and taking care of her 13-year-old grandson, who is legally blind.

Last week Barbara went grocery shopping at a nearby Walmart, but had difficulties when she tried to swipe her card and it was declined.

Embarrassed by the situation, Barbara told the cashier she was going to see if she could withdraw money from the teller, but at that moment, Barbara said God had a plan.

A gentlemen along with three other good samaritans stood in line and decided to give her $140 to pay for her groceries.

One of the good citizens was a veteran and told Barbara that he had been in the same situation before and just wanted to help.

The retired educator says she is beyond thankful for the men’s random act of kindness and would like to repay them as soon as she can.