Governor Abbott announces Phase 2 of reopenings

(KGNS) - The lone star sate is now entering phase two of Governor Greg Abbott's reopening Texas plan, despite reports of new COVID-19 cases since phase one began.

Governor Abbott says hospitalizations remain steady and metric shows the state is containing the virus spread.

File photo: Governor Greg Abbott

He says says with the advice from medical experts, Texas is ready to move toward phase two. Some businesses even have the green light to open immediately. 

Starting May 18th businesses like:
- child care centers
- youth clubs like boys scouts and girls scouts
- as well as massage and personal care services, like tattoo shops, have permission to open their doors.

Abbott's plan also outlines that effective this Friday,

- bars and similar businesses across the state can reopen with 25 percent capacity
- other businesses that can reopen Friday include: bowling alleys and bingo halls
- skating rinks
- rodeo/equestrian events,
- zoos, aquariums, and natural caverns.

All businesses will have health restrictions in place, like social distancing and interactive exhibits must remain closed.

Also on Friday, restaurants which reopened earlier this month under phase one can operate at 50 percent instead of 25 percent capacity as announced.

And per Abbott's phase two plan, on May 31st:
- youth sports will be allowed
- as well as summer camps, daytime, and overnight camps
- and some professional sports.

Regarding education, Abbott says schools will be able to offer summer school as soon as June 1st, as long as they follow safe distancing practices.

Abbott did say that the reopenings allowed to happen would come a week later in two areas around El Paso and Amarillo, due to huge spike in cases in the meatpacking industry.