Governor Greg Abbott visits with Texas National Guard Troops

(NBC) - Texas Governor Greg Abbott says the morale of the Texas National Guard deploying to the border is high.

The governor held a briefing with military officials this week and met with a group of Texas National Guardsmen.

Abbott says troops are needed at the U.S.-Mexico border to cut down on drugs, illegal immigration and MS-13 gangs.

Last week, President Trump called for the National Guard to help Border Patrol agents with surveillance and securing the border.

Governor Abbott says 762 National Guard troops have already been deployed and another 300 per week will be deployed until they reach 1,400.

Abbott says, "We want to shut down the cartels, and the gangs and the smugglers who are trying to import crime into the United States."

The governor says the National Guard is getting calls from members wanting to volunteer to participate in the operation.