Guatemalan Consulate reaches out to the community

Published: Aug. 26, 2019 at 11:39 AM CDT
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A number of Central American representatives including the Guatemalan Consulate met with federal officials in the Gateway City to discuss the humanitarian crisis at the southern border.

In the State of Texas, there are three Guatemalan Consulates that include Houston, McAllen and Del Rio.

The consulates in Del Rio covers 13 counties along the border up to El Paso.

Alex Alonso with the consulate says it’s important to reach out to the community, especially those who need help with their passports, ID’s and other important documents.

Although the consulates do not have an accurate number of Guatemalan Nationalists living in Webb County, on Saturday more than 70 people showed up to the mobile clinic.

The majority of what people need assistance with were questions pertaining to passports and Consulate ID’s.

The cost of the passport is $75, the consulate ID is $25, and the most important thing they need to have is their birth-given by RENAP.

RENAP is the country’s abbreviation for the National Registry of Persons instituted by the Guatemalan government as their new ID card.

For the past four years, the consulate has come down to Laredo for these types of services.

They say a lot of times, nationalists will walk in not needing help, they just want to see and hear someone from their home country.

The Guatemalan Consulate stops by Laredo to provide these services once a year.

However, they are in Laredo once a month to meet with Border Patrol and visit ICE detention centers to assist Guatemalan migrants that are entering the country for the first time.