Handling student medication at school

LAREDO, Texas (KGNS) - With the new school year in full swing, it is important that parents are aware that students are not allowed to carry medication on their own.

Friday was a very exciting day at Cigarroa High School as students, teachers and staff cheered on the football team for its upcoming game.
Aaron Ramirez is one of many fellow students who got to take part in the pep rally.

However, Aaron has to make his usual stop at the nurse’s office in order to get his blood glucose levels checked for his diabetes.

It was at a very young age that Aaron started visiting the school nurse.

Although Aaron is fully grown and is able to handle his condition on his own, the school districts like LISD find it important for nurses to handle any type of medication that students need as a precautionary measure.

Students cannot carry any type of medication even if it’s over the counter.

Students who require medication such as an inhaler will need a doctor’s order. The student, parent and a nurse will also need to meet before a child can carry any type of emergency medication on campus.

Cigarroa High School nurse, Iris Herrera says these rules are set to ensure safety.

Herrera says that the majority of parents that she has encountered known of these regulations that the district has but at many times they do not know and they just want to remind them to contact the school nurse.

The nurse will provide forms that parents must sign in order to give the medication.