High school football team visits former player battling cancer

LAREDO, TX (KGNS) - A local high school football team is rallying behind one of its own who is battling cancer.

Since being diagnosed with bone cancer or osteosarcaoma in late seventh grade, Jalen Garcia or the Miracle Man, as Coach David Sanchez refers to him has been a part of the football team.

Coach Sanchez says he has a tremendous will to live, and faith in god.
Players say he was the most genuine person.

He'd be a junior right now, playing on the team had this not happened.
But since he cannot play, the coach and the boys dedicated the season to him and told him he'd have his number 42 retired at united.

The football team decided to use one of its district days off to visit Jalen in Houston.

Sanchez says they wheeled him down to the bottom of the rec room that they have there and got a chance to visit him for about three hours.

Coach Sanchez spoke with Jalen and his mother just Wednesday.

They say he sounds stronger than ever, and he's gained five pounds in the last three days, since the football team’s visit.