Homeowner Voices Concerns Over Car Carrier Parked Outside Her Home

Published: Jul. 15, 2016 at 9:44 PM CDT
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In one neighborhood near the intersection of Loop 20 and International, one of those large car carrier trailers has been periodically parking outside of a house there since January.

The car carrier trailer is often full of wrecked and mangled cars, bringing up safety concerns and creating an inconvenience to nearby residents.

Well a car carrier trailer is something you don't often see parked in a residential area and with several concerns they aren't often parked in those areas for good reason.

"We started noticing, my husband and I ,my family, a truck commercial parking right in front of our neighborhood, our house", said Sandra Sanchez.

Sandra Sanchez is a homeowner in northern Laredo near United High School, who started noticing a peculiar truck begin parking outside her home.

But it wasn't just any truck, it's one that often carries wrecked cars. That has Sanchez concerned for her family's safety.

"And sometimes I'm very concerned because sometimes wrecked cars, I don't know they can have, I don't know if they still have gas going on in their cars, there can be leaking", said Sanchez.

And trying to drive cars with the carrier truck present could be a hazardous venture.

"It makes it dangerous for anyone that is driving. It is wide when we're trying to park, it is wide when two cars are going to cross by, it makes a traffic issue too", said Sanchez.

From January until March, the truck was parked outside the Sanchez residence anywhere between three-five days a week.

It disappeared during June, but this past Monday, the carrier truck was back.

As to where the owners of the truck come from, Sanchez isn't quite sure.

"Probably they are not from here, I don't know. That is the only thing, that they don't belong here", said Sanchez.

And on Monday after reaching out to the San Isidro Homeowner's Association, she says the association apologized about the ongoing issue.

And says she was told the association will send out letters to the neighborhood to reinforce the homeowner's association handbook rules.

"I want to work with them along with anyone, with the city, with the police, with the homeowner's association, because I want this to be finished, to make it better safe for my house, for my neighborhood"

We contacted the San Isidro Homeowner's Association and the assistant to the VP told us that only the VP could tell us about the rules and regulations. But we haven't yet heard back from the VP.