Hot, Hottest Early/Midweek

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Very warm humid gulf air occupies the lowest 5,000' of the atmosphere. This will be sufficient for a low deck of stratus during the next several mornings. Higher up is very warm Mexican Plateau Air which will act as a lid on tall updrafts from forming that could develop into a cloud tall enough to produce rain. The desert air aloft will reach closer to the surface early to midweek, raising temperatures to around 100. the air near the surface will still be humid, making for a rather hot humid combination. Winds will increase as well by early week as winds rush from the south toward much lower pressures over the Great Plains.

I'm expecting cloudy late tonight, humid, low in the high 70's. Becoming partly cloudy Saturday and Sunday afternoons, highs in the mid to high 90's. Mostly sunny afternoons Monday through Wednesday, highs around 100. Partly cloudy Thursday and Friday, high in the high 90's.