Hot Humid 7 Day Period

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Isolated showers formed with the west advancing sea breeze this afternoon. Mexican Plateau air arriving aloft is preventing the air from being buoyant enough for the showers to reach as far west as our area. A boundary between dry air from far west Texas, and humid gulf air over the rest of the state will move eastward Friday night and Saturday. Showers and thunderstorms with this boundary should occur mainly north of the Mexican Plateau air, mostly north of Del Rio and San Antonio. By early next week, the Mexican Plateau air will become more pronounced, and will mix down close enough to the surface to raise our temperatures to around 100.

I'm expecting partly to mostly cloudy tonight, low in the mid 70's. Partly cloudy Friday afternoon, high in the low to mid 90's. Partly cloudy Saturday and Sunday, high in the mid to high 90's. Mostly sunny afternoons Monday through Wednesday, highs close to 100. Partly cloudy Thursday, high in the high 90's.