Hot, Then Big Change Friday

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Laredo Hot air from the Mexican deserts has moved northeastward into south and western Texas.Temperatures could reach 100F in a few spots during Thursday. A much cooler airmass from northern Canada will reach south Texas Friday morning or midday. We will start out warm and humid, but temperatures will drop sharply as the north winds arrive. Showers and drizzle are likely. Cooler weather will persist Saturday, hot air will return early next week from the south.

I'm expecting warm and humid tonight, low in the high 70's. Mostly sunny Thursday, high in the upper 90's, a few spots may reach 100. Warm and humid into Friday morning, we may reach the low 80's, and quickly fall under 60 Friday afternoon with showers or drizzle possible. Mostly cloudy Saturday, high in the 70's. Partly cloudy to cloudy Sunday, high in the 80's. Partly cloudy Monday and Tuesday, high in the mid 90's. Partly cloudy with a slight chance of a shower Wednesday, high around 90.