Hot Work Week, Seasonal Weekend

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Laredo Very warm desert air lies above a shallow layer of humid gulf air. This is a hot, humid combination. The very warm air aloft is mixing close enough to the surface to allow temperatures to reach the mid to upper 90's, but is not quite reaching all the way down to the surface. This means that the air remains fairly moist with the hot temperatures. A cold front will move east from the Pacific, reaching our area Saturday morning. There may not be enough moisture available for showers with the front. I will show low shower chances. Temperatures more typical of late March will follow during the weekend and into early next week.

I'm expecting mostly clear tonight, humid. Low near 70. Mostly sunny Thursday and Friday, high in the mid to upper 90's. A slight chance of a morning shower Saturday, then partly cloudy Saturday and Sunday, high in the mid 80's. A slight chance of a shower Monday, partly cloudy for the most part, high near 90. Mostly cloudy Tuesday and Wednesday, high in the low to mid 80's.