Houston Police find four children in filthy hotel room

HOUSTON, TX (CNN) - A mother is arrested after authorities found her children alone in a Houston area hotel room that was covered in filth.

Dominga Suazo, 35

Dominga Suazo, 35 was charged with abandoning a child after she allegedly left four children alone at America’s Inn located in southwest Houston.

Authorities say the children were age’s nine, five, and two four-year-olds.

According to court documents, two of the children were found crying alone in the parking lot at 6:30 on Sunday morning. The other two children who were inside the room were said to be surrounded by filth.

Officials say they found 30 empty beer bottles scattered throughout the room as well as trash.

Suazo was arrested shortly after when police say she showed up at the motel smelling like alcohol, with more than a dozen beer bottles in her car.

All four children were taken into CPS custody.

The agency says they are looking for the children's nearest relative to take care of them.

It's unclear where those four children are now.

Suazo is still in jail and is expected to face a judge on Tuesday.