Houston officer taken to the hospital after possible fentanyl exposure

HOUSTON, TX (NBC) - A Houston Police officer is taken to the hospital after becoming ill while collecting narcotics evidence at a hotel.

The officer was called to the Crowne Plaza Hotel after a drunken guest got belligerent and refused to leave the premises.

By the time the officer arrived at the hotel, the man had left.

During an investigation of the man’s room, the officer found a plastic bag of pills.

After searching the room, the officer started to fill sick and returned to his patrol car where he administered a dose of Naloxone to himself.

Another officer administered a second dose to the officer after his condition did not improve.

The officer was then taken to an area hospital for an examination.
Authorities say they suspect fentanyl was the cause of the officers illness.

Assistant Police Chief Wendy Baimbridge says, "With regards to how much we're seeing of fentanyl if this is indeed fentanyl. I would have to talk to our narcotics division because they have access to citywide and what they're seeing. We're not seeing a whole lot of it but nevertheless when you do see it, it is very dangerous and that's why we take all of the precaution that we do."

Police say they are still looking for the man who was staying at the hotel and the pills have been taken to a lab for testing.