How Celebrities Improve Their Jaw Lines

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(E!) - Here is a secret celebrities use to get a stronger jaw line. It's a non-surgical procedure known as "jaw augmentation".

All it takes is a syringe around the chin. (Photo Courtesy: NBC)

A strong jawline is a must in Hollywood!

"We obviously live in the era of everyone is influenced by social media, Hollywood and celebrities and models," says plastic surgeon Dr. Ashkan Ghavami. "People come in requesting, you know, Kim Kardashian, Angelina Jolie. All the models, actresses throughout history have always, for the most part, had really strong chin and jawlines."

And there's a way to get that look.

"This is going to be chin filler, which means it's a temporary way to augment the chin and jawline. It's really good for people who do not have a lot of volume in the lower third of their face," Ashkan said.

And of course it comes at a price.

"The general range in cost, for one syringe around town, maybe something as low as $600. And you can go all the way up to $3 - 4,000 if you're using a lot of syringes and you have a very experienced injector," Ashkan said. "On our patient today, she's not going to feel anything at all because I'm numbing the entire area."

"I want my face to look a little bit more chiseled," the patient said.

And the results are immediate.

"I want to augment her from here to here, and blend it with her cheek area here, where she has some tissue." Ashkan said. "We'll start with the front injection first."

All it takes is a syringe around the chin.

"If you turn all the way to the side, you can see she has some augmentation here, so her chin basically projects out," Ashkan said. "It blends nicely. Gave her projection. Preserved her dimple. You can see how it gave her a little bit of a stronger jaw, if we compare this before and after together with the pre-op. Now you have more of that actress, model jawline that we talked about earlier. It's very photogenic to have a powerful chin and jaw."

"I look good," the patient said.

The treatment lasts anywhere from six to 18 months, depending on filler.

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