Hundreds of local drivers to be left jobless after Celadon bankruptcy

Published: Dec. 10, 2019 at 10:59 PM CST
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With hundreds of truck drivers stranded and scattered across the country, they undoubtedly want and deserve answers.

According to trade officials in Mexico, that can include 200 people in Laredo and another 200 in Nuevo Laredo. In Monterrey alone, there could be up to 500 people losing their jobs.

We are told by employees that the operations have completely stopped at this location and as drivers arrive to Laredo, not much is being said to them.

Thousands of truck drivers suddenly found themselves jobless, many of them stranded mid-route, after Celadon Group abruptly filed for bankruptcy.

In documents filed, Celdon cited they were $391 million in debt.

An employee at the Laredo branch tells us the company sent them an email on Monday informing them they would no longer be in business.

Rafael Tawil with the Laredo Motors Carrier Association says this is a big loss for the trucking industry.

“Whenever you have a company that is top 20 and goes bankrupt, it is a big deal since Laredo is the top port of entry.”

Some drivers were lucky enough to make it to drop off locations like the Laredo branch but many drivers have been left stranded in mid-route, including many in Nuevo Laredo because their gas cards have be deactivated.

“They are telling me there is nothing,” said driver Hector Lopez. “That I can't come in.”

“They won’t let us out and they have us here waiting,” said Joan Marquez, another driver. “More importantly, they need to give us the money that is ours.”

In Nuevo Laredo it is estimated that there is about 200 drivers stranded.

When trying to visit Celadon's website for more information, it is no longer available.

Tawil says it is hard to say if this shut down could've been prevented.

“From the outside looking in, it looks like they did take too long to inform their employees and it's just unfortunate.”

In total nationwide, the closure leaves the company's nearly 4,000 employees out of work.

Other companies in the trucking world have sent out emails encouraging their employees to help stranded truckers if they could.

Meanwhile, the CEO of Celedon has released a statement saying:

"We have diligently explored all possible options to restructure celadon and keep business operations ongoing, however, a number of legacy and market headwinds made this impossible to achieve."

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